What is white glove moving service?

Moving from one house to another or business relocation could be very stressful and exhausting because it involves great organisation and planning. Between packing, wrapping, fixing all the upcoming issues, moving yourselves seems practically impossible. To get rid of awful headache and to make this process as seamless as possible you better hire white glove moving service.

Who needs this?

Such movers are excellent option for those who seek for the experience of a flawless, stress-free moving. If you decide to order white glove moving service, there is no need for you to be at home on the day of the move. A team of high qualified experts will do everything on their own! With special attention they will handle everything from start to finish. This includes exceptionally careful packing, loading your belongings, unloading, unpacking, shelving your goods right in time with the utmost awareness in details. With white glove moving, you don’t have to hassle with any part of the relocation process. A2bmovers is happy to provide this service yo our clients!

Door-to-door service

We offer our clients superior service and take care of everything that is connected with their relocation. We focus on the tiniest details and on delivering your possessions in shortest possible terms in great shape. Our team will carefully pack and deliver fragile or small goods, for example kitchen items, electronics, clothes, etc. The team will be prepared and have all the necessary equipment and materials to handle the wrapping. Your furniture will be delicately packed and protected to prevent it from damages. Furthermore, white glove moving service includes setup of your electronics and assembling your furniture. You won’t have to think about anything! Be sure, moving process will be the most stress-free experience for you!

How can I find movers with white glove service?

The majority of reputable and reliable moving companies provide white glove service to their customers. If to speak about San Jose and the Bay Area, it is easy to find the one that fits you best via Internet. Such sources as yelp.com or Google Maps are full of feedbacks and depict lists of services that companies provide. As for our company, on yelp.com a2bmovers has nearly 200 reviews and high rates in Google Maps. There you can find photos of movers’ work, detailed feedback and types of services the company offers. We are team of experienced and licensed professionals who have been providing white glove moving service as well as working in San Jose and all around the Bay Area for 10 years.

How much does it cost?

A2bmovers offers one of the best prices on white glove moving service in San Jose and the Bay Area – two movers and a truck from 104$/hr including insurance! Hiring us you won’t have to worry about your goods’ safety – our work is insured up to 1 000 000 $. All your belongings and property will be fully covered, packed and delivered carefully in time. Moreover, you can get in-home or video pre-estimate – it is absolutely free of charge. We will take a good look at potential issues and problem situations such as a lack of elevator, narrow corridors, etc. A2bmovers guarantees the final price of your relocation won’t be higher than the one estimated in-home. To get better moving rates and save some money, choose weekdays and schedule your move in the middle of the month. Then you will be able to get better options. To get a quote for a white glove moving service with our company you can simply fill in the web form on our site or call us to get a free consultation.

There are 3 packing options you can choose with a2bmovers:

1. You purchase a «Full packing kit» that includes absolutely all necessary packing and boxing supplies for your move (best option if you want us to take care of the packing entirely)

2. «On the go packing» ($3 – small, $6 – medium, $8 – large box, $23 – packing paper roll, $23 bubble wrap roll). You purchase extra packing and boxing supplies per item (good if you want us to pack only some of your items)

3. You provide your packing materials and we will use them to pack and box your belongings.

There are no additional fees or charges of any kind! Tax is already included in the price as well.

Also you can get all the related information and rates on our website or by phone. 

List of the things INCLUDED in our rates:

– Truck

– Processing

– Mileage

– Stairs

– Long Walks From Your Door To The Truck

– Blankets & Pads

– Disassembly & Reassembly For Large Furniture

– Unlimited Shrink Wrap & Tape

– Floor Protection (must be requested at least 48 hours prior to your move)

– Wardrobe Boxes (free to use on the day of the move but must be returned)

– Heavy Items*

*If you have a piano, a safe, or any other items that could be considered excessively heavy (300lbs or more), please notify us immediately as we may not be able to provide service for those items.

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