How to prepare your house for relocation?

When planning a move to a new place, you’ve got a lot of work to do – from deciding which moving company to hire to preparing your house for relocation. Preparing your house for future moving is probably the most tiresome and irritating process. In a rush, all in flutter some mistakes can occur. Further they can lead to lots of troubles and extra costs. Besides moving from private house has some ins and outs. But if you follow our tips, trouble-free and smooth relocation is ensured!

Plan a moving checklist

Create a moving checklist as soon as you can! Decide what to do firstly, secondly, etc. And then stick to this plan until the very end. It is well-known fact, that when your act is strictly scheduled, it is easier to cope with all the upcoming problems.

Make a moving inventory

Create a detailed list of items you are taking with you. Bring only things you really need and love. Get rid of unneeded possessions – probably not so many items are essential, so further you can save time and money on packing. Some of your belongings could be sold or given to charity. Moving inventory list will help you to estimate the cost of your move, the weight of your shipment, get proper moving insurance, and keep better track of your goods. Оrganize your belongings in a practical and systematic manner. Brilliant idea is to separate zones in your house and to tag your furniture and possessions. It certainly will make you stay calm and save your precious time.

Pack in advance

The commonest mistake is packing in the last moment. Never underestimate the time needed to pack! Generally it is recommended to start packing as soon as your relocation is confirmed – one/two months in advance. Then you can take your time going through your goods, getting rid of unneeded items, providing proper protection to the ones you’re taking with you. We advice you to pack least used rooms first. Unoccupied rooms could be used as storage area for boxes. Needless to say, you will get rid of the mess that moving brings. Also it is better to pack small items first and pay special attention to fragile and glass goods.

Get packing help

If you choose our white glove moving service – there is no need to worry about such things! We offer our clients superior service and take care of everything that is connected with their relocation. We focus on the tiniest details and on delivering your possessions in shortest possible terms in great shape. Our team will carefully pack and deliver fragile or small goods, for example kitchen items, electronics, clothes, etc. Movers will be prepared and have all the necessary equipment and materials to handle the wrapping. Your furniture will be delicately packed into protective blankets and wrapped in non-slip tapes to prevent it from damages. A2bmovers offers one of the best prices on white glove moving service in San Jose and the Bay Area – two movers and a truck from 104$/hr including insurance! Hiring us you won’t have to worry about your goods’ safety – our work is insured up to 1 000 000 $.

Consider possible issues

We recommend to try several in-home estimates from different moving companies. Movers’ staff will come to your place and make a visual survey of everything you want to be packed and moved. Our company guarantees that final price of your relocation won’t be higher than the one estimated in-home. Also movers will take a good look at any potential issues and problem situations such as narrow corridors, stairs, etc. Don’t forget to make sure there is a safe access to an attic or a cellar if you have them.

Never forget about outdoors and least used rooms Most houses in the Unites States have storage garage. It’s usually a place where things go «out of sight, out of mind». Sort out items attentively, leave unwanted anymore belongings not to pay for an additional truck. Also if you want to take with you children’s playground, seesaw or barbecue – please, let us know in advance. Moreover, we recommend to check your attic, cellar and storage room. You may need belongings there. Don’t forget to pack them.

Make sure there is no forbidden items

Mind that some of belongings could be forbidden for transportation for safety reasons, and movers won’t carry them. Fuel, oils, gas vessel, bullets, guns, propane tanks, chemicals, car batteries, vehicles (cars, buggies, motor cycles) and others could be considered dangerous.

As you can see, preparing your house for relocation is not as challenging as it may seem at first glimpse. Just follow these tips step by step and you’ll get through this process successfully. Good luck with your moving!

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List of the things INCLUDED in our rates:

– Truck

– Processing

– Mileage

– Stairs

– Long Walks From Your Door To The Truck

– Blankets & Pads

– Disassembly & Reassembly For Large Furniture

– Unlimited Shrink Wrap & Tape

– Floor Protection (must be requested at least 48 hours prior to your move)

– Wardrobe Boxes (free to use on the day of the move but must be returned)

– Heavy Items*

*If you have a piano, a safe, or any other items that could be considered excessively heavy (300lbs or more), please notify us immediately as we may not be able to provide service for those items.

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