Removal preparation explained

Oct 29, 2019

How to prepare your property for moving? Well prepared property before moving starts will guarantee that you did your best to save your money and time on moving.

What you could do to prepare your apartment or a house to be moved as quickly as possible? That is right, take part in the process and help with organization. What is important? Truck parking needs to be close to your property to reduce unnecessary time spendings on the long walkways. Get parking spot reserved with the city and you will be glad you did, believe our experience, especially in downtown San Jose.

If you have an elevator in your building it is better to be reserved. Otherwise, you could face the situation when your movers are waiting for an elevator each time and if you will put together this waiting time it easily can be an hour of the elevator waiting in total. Sometimes it is not the case, but some buildings are pretty crowded especially in particular business hours.

Make sure you talked with the building manager and they reserve time for your move. One other thing to be aware of is the traffic situations. Traffic bad by itself, but paying for waiting time in traffic is worse. Try to figure out the traffic situation on the way to your new place and find an optimal time to leave your old property to get as little traffic as possible.

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