Military moving service

Nov 4, 2019

A2B movers are one of the companies to work with if you are a military-related person. We have special price options for military people. Usually, there is not a big difference between average residence relocation and military or veteran moving.

Sometimes there are gun safes, guns, and bullets that may be necessary to be moved. Our company will be able to move your special gun safe or fireproof lockers for guns if it is less than 300lbs or if it is possible to be disassembled for separate pieces. In some cases, it is possible to remove a gun safe or looking door and shelves to prepare it for the moving process.

But there is a whole other deal with guns and bullets. There is a special license needed for gun transportation and we don’t have one. In case you have some guns in your house you will need to move it on your own. Besides that, our company will be glad to provide a special service for military people and we will find a spot for you in our schedule to provide you with the best possible price and discount. Our sales representative will calculate a special price for you.

There is a great advantage for military people to work with our company and it is about our special military rates.

Military moving rate explained

Our moving company is licensed and insured. We are able to handle almost every move. Our company serves military and veterans around San Jose and the Bay Area since 2010. We did learn a lot and trained our stuff well to provide you with the best service possible.

Check what military people are saying about our services and you will understand that our company takes each move seriously. We will be well prepared for your particular moving situation. Get a free consultation about your moving situation and if there are any special requirements such as floor-protection or heavy items like a gun safe or some ammo needs to be moved. We will figure out upfront which truck is required to handle your move and how to get it done safe and fast.

If you senior and veteran we will be able to compromise the best moving rate for you, but it might require to organize your moving during weekdays and in the middle of the month. This way we will be able to provide the lowest rate possible with our company. Don’t forget that we are trying to provide the best service quality which assumes your furniture and belongings protection. If you need packing we could do it as well.

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