Long distance moving tips

Oct 26, 2019

Packing and house preparation for moving. In general, there are different approaches to house moving. So-called white gloves moving services assumes that you do not take part in the process at all and you pay movers to get everything done for you. Or another approach if you do not mind to take part and help your moving team with the preparation which will save you money in the very end of the moving day.

Special regulatory rules applied to our business processes, personnel qualification and truck maintenance as well as special types of moving insurance for your cargo, our workers and trucks. We believe that this is the only right way to provide reliable long-distance moving services for our customers in California.

We work as all included so-called “white glove” long distance movers. That means if you book our movers and long-distance relocation you can expect top service quality. Our crew will arrive on time and will pack your belongings.

You can read further in our blog how we pack and taking care of your items. In general, all your items will be carefully prepared for safe delivery all around California, Oregon, and Nevada.

How to choose long distance movers?

We have reasonable flat rates and proud to compromise our price to provide the best moving experience and as low prices as possible. Compatible rates and all necessary insurances and licenses, as well as great equipment, make our moving service noticeable on the market.

Our company provides an individual approach to each moving and does not mix your stuff together with any other items or belongings, as a lot of companies does and we consider this as a bad practice based on reviews of our customers. We provide a dedicated moving service for our customers to prevent any human mistakes and furniture damage.

The main advantage of our services is the next day delivery possible in the service area. If time is valuable for you than our moving company is the way to go. You will have one dedicated team of professional movers who will pack and deliver all your items to the new home of yours on the very next day. Moving magic it is about A2B movers.

Long-distance moving services from A2B Movers

If your belongings need to be moved as far as 50 miles or further, our company will be happy to help you with your move. We are providing professional long distance movers, trucks and packing materials. Everything you need is included in the quote. There are no additional fees or hidden charges. Fill in the online application and get an instant moving quote for your long-distance move within California or around Oregon and Nevada.

How is it works?

We would love to help you with your long-distance move and provide you with a flat rate price based on the size of the move and the distance. On weekends and at the beginning or end of the month rates may differ. Also if you will need our help with the packing of smaller items into the boxes an extra charge for packing materials might be applied. Call us or fill in the form on our website to get a quote. We will be glad to estimate your move for free. An inventory list or in-home or video estimate might be required.

We are aimed at the fast and white-glove moving service. All your items will be delivered in the shortest terms since we are not going to place your items into the storage to wait for the other customers moving the same direction. After the loading, the movers will head straight over the final destination and all your items will be ready for unloading the next day after pick up. The same movers who will be doing the pick up will also do the unloading for you and your items will not be combined with anybody else’s that will help to avoid any misunderstanding during your move.

There are no additional fees or charges of any kind and the tax is already included in the flat rate.

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