House relocation

Oct 18, 2019

How to prepare your house for relocation? Preparation time before moving to your house will always save your money in the end. From this short introductory text, you will find out which steps are essential to prepare your house for movers. This is always a good idea to think ahead and plan your moving. The most important questions to ask yourself are as follows: Is there a parking spot for moving the truck to be able to park in front of your house or close by? If yes, you will save a tonne of time on walking distance for your movers. If you need to reserve a parking spot with the city, remember that the process of approval can take up to two weeks but will save you money on parking tickets of moving trucks.

Is it clear which items you want to move from your house and what do you prefer to live behind? Remember that your home will be seeing by movers the first time and they have no idea what are you planning to move. You can orchestrate in the process but it can be tedious, especially for a house with 3 bedrooms or more. Good ideas are separate zones or some kind of tagging or labeling of your furniture and rooms. It will save you a lot of effort and time on the day of your house relocation. Are there any stairs in the house or on the way to it? You can’t do much about it, but it is a good idea to tell your movers about it. This way team can be managed the right way and be ready for that. For example, it is considered as a good practice to get an additional person for town hose relocation, because there are stairs and few stores in house and the additional mover will seem you like an addition to per hour rate, but will save you significant time at the end of the move.

Packing and preparation for moving

In general, there are different approaches to house moving. So-called white gloves moving services assumes that you do not take part in the process at all and you pay movers to get everything done for you. Or another approach if you do not mind to take part and help your moving team with the preparation which will save you money in the very end of the moving day.

The best option for customer money wise is to get done packing part of the process by themselves. On the other hand, it is the most annoying part of the moving especially if you have a family house and a lot of small items there or lived in one home long enough. Our advice to you is to pack small items in small and medium-size boxes and do not make them have. For example, a large box full of books might not be the best idea. As well as glass boxed without any wrapping paper almost guaranteed to be broken during the transportation. Roads are not ideal and any road bump can destroy your favorite wine glasses if it is not packed properly. Another important thing is to stack your boxes away from doors and walkways in your house in a separate zone. Heavy boxes in the bottom and lightweight on the top of the stack. This way it will be easy and fast to load them to the truck right the way. As for your furniture, if you feel like to disassemble your bed frame it might save another 15-30 minutes to you.

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