Furniture and heavy items

Oct 18, 2019

One of the common scenarios in the mover's company routine is the customers who order movers for furniture moving. This is might be a good decision to make if you have transportation capacity and time to handle packing and boxing by yourself and to deliver all your small items and belongings to a new place on your own. Sometimes there is a house or an apartment staging and people order movers for their furniture after that.

Anyway, what you would like to think about is a parking spot for the truck you are going to order. Make sure there is an opportunity to park the moving truck in front of your property or as close as possible or reserve a parking spot with the city. It will definitely worth it and save your movers a lot of time on walking distance and some cash on moving time for your pocket. Another thing to consider is how actually big is your furniture? Try to remember where there any challenges with any pieces you're going to move last time you changed the place of living? If yes, then make sure you told about it to your movers. It makes sense for you to escape the situation when the team is not prepared for some situations and didn’t get the right equipment on them or simply you get a team with not enough members to move your double sectioned recliner over the balcony.

All that possible but movers are better to be informed about such things upfront. In case you have some particularly heavy items like gun safe, piano or big items like dryer, fridge or washing machine it is necessary to let your movers know about it. All of those sometimes require special equipment and protection.

Furniture preparation for moving

In general, all your furniture needs to be prepared for moving. If you want your movers to come and did everything quick and safe for the property and your belongings do as described below. Make sure all your furniture is emptied out completely. There should not be any content in dressers, tv stands or side tables. Before moving your furniture will be protected with shrink wrap and moving blankets to prevent damages of property and furniture in the truck. Your belongings will be stacked on top of each other in the moving truck and without protection, any road bump may be the reason for scratches or dents on your favorite chair. If you live anything inside of the furniture before moving it makes your furniture heavy and the possibility of damages higher, besides that those items can be broken while they are inside of the TV table or nightstand.

There are few tricks thought to save your time on preparation as well. Sometimes it is alright to remove drawers full of close and shrink wrap them to move separately from the dresser itself. This way it is a win-win situation for movers and owners. Make sure you label the drawer somehow to know which place it takes in your drawer. It seems to be unnecessary but you will be surprised to find out after your move that they are slightly different in sizes and might not fit right. If you are going to move washer and dryer, they need to be disabled from gas and water before moving. Movers do not have the license to work with gas and water and to pass this step without any complications you need to call separate specialist day or two before moving to disable gas and water from any appliance needs to be moved.

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